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A lot of quality in a small package. That describes our LT Series dinghies.

These two and four-person boats go from their handy carry bags to fully equipped dinghies in just minutes. Compact enough to be stored virtually anywhere, they are safe, durable and dependable dinghies capable of carrying substantial loads. They come ready to work with fold-down oar system, wood seat, fold-up floor and motor mount. Even though they are our most economical boats, they are made with the same durable Achilles CSM fabric and backed by the same five-year warranty as our large sport boats.

LT Standard features include:

Achilles CSM fabric; wood/Achilles CSM roll-up floor (LT4); hinged wood floor (LT2); full-length rubbing strake; fold-down locking oar system with two-piece breakdown aluminum oars and holders; bow D-ring (LT2); towing bridle D-rings (LT4); life lines with hand loops; removable wood rowing seat; motor mount; foot pump; carry bag; and maintenance kit..

( LT-2 );  The lightest CSM Fabric Boat available!
Hinged wood floor; bow D-ring.

( LT-4 );  Has a heavy-duty removable motor mount that fits quickly and securely into molded rubber mounting attachments. Wood/CSM Fabric roll-up floor; towing bridle D-rings.

Color Lt. GrayLt. Gray
Length 7’3” (220 cm)8’6” (260 cm)
Inside Length 5’0” (153 cm)6’2” (188 cm)
Beam 4’1” (124 cm)4’8” (142 cm)
Inside Beam 1’11” (58 cm)2’2” (66 cm)
Tube Diameter 13” (33 cm)15” (38 cm)
Weight 37 lbs. (16.5 kg)57 lbs. (26 kg)
Load Capacity 640 lbs. (290 kg)970 lbs. (440 kg)
Person Capacity 24
Recommended H.P. 3 (2-3) standard3 (2-3) standard
Maximum H.P. 3 standard3 standard
Air Chambers 22