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SU Boats are built for multi-purpose work, dive and emergency use.

These rugged models offer both the room and performance to fill a range of needs. Their size allows them to carry a fully equipped team of divers or rescue personnel for any situation. Their tough Hypalon® fabric and aluminum floor systems stand up to all types of heavy use. A deep "V" trigon air keel insures better tracking and performance when speed is of the essence.

SG Standard Features include:

Hypalon/Neoprene fabric; trigon air keel; fiberglassencased transom with protective motor clamp plate; fuel tank tie-downs; self-bailer valve; full-length teardrop rubbing strake; fold-down locking oar system with oar holders (except SG-156); bow carry handle; lift & carry handles; towing bridle D-rings; helmsman grip; full-length splash guard with life lines; transom splash guard; bow holdall fitting points; extra seat attachment; large, high-volume foot pump; double carry bag system; and maintenance kit.

Color RedRedRed
Length 12'4" (375 cm)14'0" (425 cm)15'6" (473 cm)
Inside Length 8'11" (272 cm)10'0" (305 cm)10'11" (333 cm)
Beam 5'3" (161 cm)5'9" (175 cm)6'3" (190 cm)
Inside Beam 2'6" (75 cm)2'9" (85 cm)2'11" (90 cm)
Tube Diameter 17" (43 cm)18" (45 cm)20" (50 cm)
Weight 175 lbs. (79.5 kg)226 lbs. (102.5 kg)272 lbs. (123.5 kg)
Load Capacity 1460 lbs. (660 kg)1940 lbs. (880 kg)2800 lbs. (1270 kg)
Person Capacity 568
Recommended H.P. 20 (6-35) standard30 (9.9-50) long35 (9.9-55) long
Maximum H.P. 35 standard50 long55 long
Air Chambers 4 & keel4 & keel5 & keel